African Coffee Regions - Nkara & Migoti

African Coffee Regions - Nkara & Migoti

Nkara - Rwanda

This aromatic coffee has a heavenly sweet scent with taste notes of apricot and citrus. This speciality coffee is sourced from an award-winning mill called the Musasa Dukunde Kawa in northwest Rwanda serving farmers from the Ruli sector. 

One of the many things that stands out about this cooperative is the processing. Cherries are handpicked only when perfectly ripe and then pulped the same evening dividing the beans into 3 grades (by weight). After pulping the coffee is fermented overnight and then graded using a flotation method, again by weight (the heaviest usually being the best). The wet parchment is the stacked in water for around 24 hours to stabilise the moisture content of the bean. 

As well as it’s impressive processing this coop is involved with various social programmes to improve the livelihoods of it’s members including school fees, medical insurance, fertilisers, bikes to transport the coffee and training in quality and productivity in coffee production. The list goes on but it’s safe to say they really are paving the way for how cooperatives should work with their members to create a sustainable industry that works for everyone. 

Being one of our most aromatic and rich coffees this year it’s the perfect all-rounder coffee, great as an espresso or a filter. Enjoy!

Region: Gakenke District
Altitude:  1800-2000 m above sea level 
Process: Washed
100% Arabica



Migoti - Burundi

A bright and juicy coffee with smooth cocoa and tangy marmalade flavours. This speciality coffee is grown in the Great Rift Valley at high altitudes with plenty of sunshine. The arabica coffee is handpicked by farmers located in the mountains near Lake Tanganyika. 

Migoti coffee is a company based in Burundi with a mission to not only source and share some of the best coffee you’ll find but also invest in a sustainable coffee industry with funding going to new crops for farmers to integrate with their coffee plants, hyrdopower projects and training to improve quality coffee production in the area.

We are delighted to see the advancements Burundi is making in the coffee industry and honoured to share this incredible coffee with you. We hope you love it as much as we do. 

Region: Gomvyi
Altitude: 1700-1900m above sea level 
Process: Washed
100% Arabica


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