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Africa, the home of coffee

Since coffee was first discovered in Africa it has grown in popularity across the world. Africa continually ranks as a leader in premium coffee due to a unique combination of climate, altitude and rich fertile soil making Africa the ideal place to grow the world's best coffee beans.

It starts with quality

All our coffee is premium single origin Arabica coffee. We source speciality rated coffee with an SCA grading above 80. 
Variety is important to us, which is why we continually sample coffee beans from many growing regions selecting 2 of the best seasonal stars to include in our freshly roasted speciality coffee subscriptions.

Sourced ethically

We commit to delivering you the best coffee from the continent, as we work closely with our coffee partners ensuring our beans are the finest quality, sourced responsibly, providing economic benefit to the coffee farmers with minimal impact on the environment.

Giving back to important causes

As well as sourcing sensational coffee we commit to donating a portion of every purchase to conservation and carbon offsetting projects. For us coffee is a pleasure to savour and get a positive boost for the rest of the day, so sit back and enjoy the best African coffee whilst we take care of the rest.Time to explore!    



This month's coffee guests

With 2 new speciality coffees each month predictable brews are a thing of the past. Travel with us and discover your new favourite coffee.




Taste Notes: Citrus, Cocoa & Almonds
Region: Kilimanjaro
Altitude: 1200-1500 masl
Process: Fully Washed


This deliciously fruity coffee is shade-grown by smallholder farms on the slope of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. This majestic mountain plays a large part in the nation's coffee cultivation, thanks to the altitude of its slopes and the richness of its volcanic soils, creating the ideal conditions for farming coffee.

With well-balanced flavours of citrus, cocoa and almonds we hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

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Taste Notes: Sweet Berries, Floral & Maple
Region: Nyika
Altitude: 1200-2500 masl
Process: Fully Washed


A bright and balanced coffee from Malawi boasting floral and sweet flavours. Mzuzu coffee is famous for its quality and taste. 

This coffee is a full-bodied medium roast with a fruity aroma and a satisfying acidity. This smooth and rich coffee can be enjoyed as a refreshing espresso, or as a creamy cappuccino.

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