About Us


Coffee offers us a way to connect, enjoy memorable experiences and enables conversations with the people in our lives. This special experience is one of the reasons we created Mara Coffee. 

The word Mara originates from the Maasai language meaning ‘spotted’. This resonates with our mission to find, source and share the best of the known and unknown coffee regions across Africa.
We believe in simplicity when it comes to your coffee, we work tirelessly to curate a coffee collection that brings you a diverse range of varieties, this is why we are the UK's only African speciality coffee subscription service that delivers 2 new coffee regions each month.  
We have taken the guesswork out so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy these exquisite coffees.Time to explore!


Meet the founders

Hey, Hass and Serina here. We are two coffee lovers with a passion for travelling and a deep connection to Africa. 

Africa is our second home and it's through our many travels to the birthplace of coffee that we have had the opportunity to discover an array of high grade arabica coffee. We noticed so many of the coffee varieties from Africa were not easily accessible or available at all in the UK. Great coffee should be made accessible and that is what we aim to do. We are privileged to bring these amazing coffees to your home so you too can experience the excitement of drinking some of the world's best coffee.

 With special thanks to 

We enjoy these incredible speciality coffees because of the hard working farmers who grow and cultivate exemplary coffee. 
Africa consists of 54 countries of which 24 produce coffee that farmers rely on to support their families and provide access to healthcare and education. On average it takes up-to 6 years for a coffee plant to grow and produce berries, this requires meticulous care to produce great quality coffee. We feel that their efforts should be rewarded by introducing these delicious coffees to you and all coffee lovers around the world.

Our planet

Our planet is an ecosystem dependant on interaction of species and environment.  As the human population has grown,  the planet has shown increasing signs of stress. Coffee is a global commodity which has to cross continents to get to us. It is estimated that in the UK alone, we drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day. This is why our aim is to offset our carbon footprint through carbon offsetting initiatives.
Not only are we passionate about providing variety but we also work hard to play our part in ensuring that our approach is both sustainable and ethical.

Causes we support

Contributing to important causes is a priority for us and that is why with each purchase we ensure that 1 tree will be planted on your behalf, through a donation to Eden Reforestation Projects.

Eden Reforestation Projects - Eden’s global restoration network is creating livelihoods for millions of people living in extreme poverty by empowering them to restore and protect forests on a massive scale. To offer the dignity of employment to people living in impoverished communities, who become transformational agents of global forest restoration. 

Thank you for helping support this brilliant cause. Asante.