African Coffee Regions - Kochere & Kirinyaga

African Coffee Regions - Kochere & Kirinyaga

Kochere - Ethiopia

This exquisite high scoring speciality coffee is produced in Woreda of Kochere, part of the Yirgacheffe region. A great example of Ethiopian coffee, proving this African country deserves to be known as one of the world's best coffee producers.

The Bonde Kochere Washing Station has 300 raised beds and employs around 375 people during the harvest season. The climate, high altitude and fertile soils result in a refreshing, delicate, juicey and bright cup profile.

The coffee farmers are part of the Kerchanshe network, which helps producers (and their families) get access to healthcare, education and provides agricultural support.

This is a beautifully refined cup of coffee with citrus and sweet stoned fruit flavours. Enjoy this delicious cup of Ethiopian coffee.

Taste Notes: Bergamot and sweet nectarine
Region: Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Altitude: 1800-2100 masl
Process: Washed
100% Arabica


Kirinyaga - Kenya

This is another high scoring coffee boasting taste notes of orange, cranberry and rose. It has a well-rounded and smooth body, with a bright upfront citric acidity and a honey sweetness.

The rich red volcanic soils of the central region are known to produce some of the best coffees from Kenya. Kianjege Coffee Factory is located in Central Province, Kirinyaga District in Kariti. This coffee factory was established over 30 years ago and spans 7 acres, serving the people of Nyagathi, Nyangio and Kimathi Villages.

As an AA Plus coffee, it is firstly hand-sorted for green or overripe cherries to ensure every single bean is the absolute best it can be (the ‘AA’ quality). The coffee is grown and processed by using manual techniques and eco-friendly practices to maintain indigenous trees.

Take 5 and enjoy this very special coffee from one of the leading coffee regions in Africa.

Taste Notes: Orange, cranberrry and rose
Region: Kariti

Altitude: 1500 masl
Process: Washed
100% Arabica



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