African Coffee Regions - Organic Suke & Glanmalure

African Coffee Regions - Organic Suke & Glanmalure

A new month brings new coffee guests. This time with exquisite varieties from Ethiopia and Tanzania. Let's explore what these speciality coffees have to offer.

Organic Suke - Ethiopia


Taste Notes: Peach, Lime & Black Tea
Region: Guji
Altitude: 1800-2200 masl
Process: Washed

This organic speciality coffee is a vibrant and complex mix of peach and sweet citrus with a black tea finish. A light roast fruity coffee delicious served as filter or espresso.

The Ethiopian coffee is sourced from Trabocca who are paving the way for fairly priced coffee in Ethiopia. They are a major part of increasing the quality of Ethiopian coffee and investing in infrastructure for the coffee producing communities. Find out more here.

Enjoy this elegant and refreshing organic speciality coffee.


Glanmalure Honey - Tanzania


Taste Notes: Yellow Plum, Berries & Jam
Region: Arusha
Altitude: 1560-1640 masl
Process: Honey

This is hands down one of our favourite guests and the first honey process coffee we have featured this year.

This small lot coffee comes from Glanmalure Farm which is based in the Arusha region in Northern Tanzania on the slopes of the Ngorongoro Crater. This farm has been growing coffee for a century and the experience shines through in this cup. All their coffees are shade grown creating a longer ripening time that allows for more complex flavours.

The honey processing of this coffee brings a jammy body and sweetness with a distinctive berry flavour balanced out with a pinch of acidity. This coffee is perfect for those who love a juicy, heavy bodied filter coffee. It's time for another brew!


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