Frequently asked questions

All of our coffee is 100% Arabica premium single origin.

If you purchase a coffee subscription we will send you 2 African coffee varieties each month.

When placing your order you will be asked to choose a grind type and quantity, we will take care of the rest.

We change our coffee every month meaning we procure small batches and don't leave coffee beans sitting around perishing. All beans are roasted shortly before they are dispatched to ensure maximum freshness. Subscription coffee is roasted to order.

We can supply your coffee in the following ways...

1. Whole Bean - recommended for ultimate freshness

2. Coarse Grind- suitable for Cafetière (French Press), Percolator and Cold Brew

3. Medium Grind - suitable for Aeropress, Filter, Chemex and V60

4. Fine Grind - suitable for Espresso and Moka Pot

All orders are dispatched on a 2-3 day aim service. Orders are usually delivered within 3-5 working days of purchase.

Subscription orders are a little different, as they are roasted to order. Subscription orders are despatched on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. When you place your order you will be allocated the next available despatch date. After your first shipment you will receive delivery at the same occurrence until your subscription ends.

Absolutely, email us at and we will be able to assist with any changes required. Please allow up to 5 days for your account changes to be processed.

All orders are sent on a 2-3 working day aim (from despatched date). You will receive a notification once your order has been despatched. If you haven't received your order within 5 working days of your order being despatched contact us at to investigate.


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