African Coffee Regions - Organic Bukonzo & Inzovu

African Coffee Regions - Organic Bukonzo & Inzovu

This month we are bringing you a new and insanely good line-up of speciality coffees from the sunshine continent. Time to explore!

Organic Bukonzo - Uganda


Taste Notes: Apricot, Citrus & Cocoa
Region: Kasese District
Altitude: 1400-2000 masl
Process: Washed

This is an exceptional organic and Fairtrade speciality coffee produced by the Bukonzo Union Cooperative. The cooperative is committed to sustainable coffee production and consists of over 1900 smallholder farmers (the majority of whom are women). Additionally, the union has invested in numerous social programs and technical training for its members and continues to push for better coffee production. These include establishing shade trees throughout their farms, which allows coffee to be shielded from the sun and planting ground cover crops to help manage soil nutrient content. This outstanding coffee is washed at individual washing stations and each batch can be traced directly to a single one of these micro washing stations.

This is a full-bodied coffee with complex and sweet flavours of apricot and cocoa. Enjoy.


Inzovu - Rwanda


Taste Notes: Cranberry, Plum & Caramel
Region: Kigali
Altitude: 1400-1900 masl
Process: Washed

Rwanda might be small but the coffee that comes out of this country is divine. Being land-locked, getting coffee out of Rwanda can be challenging but is certainly worth the effort. The mountainous slopes and volcanic shores of Lake Kivu, provide just the right conditions for incredible coffee. 

This is a fruity and well balanced sweet coffee with delicious hints of cranberries and caramel. So good!

Enjoy these fine examples of African speciality coffee. Until next time, happy brewing.



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