African Coffee Regions - Tekangu & Businde

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This June we welcomed guests coffees from Kenya and Burundi. Both countries are renowned for their incredible coffee production.

Tekangu - Kenya 

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Grown and harvested in the foothills of Mount Kenya in Nyeri County. This coffee is processed in the Tegu factory which is a mill owned and operated by the Tekangu farmers' cooperative society. The Tekangu farmers' cooperative society was founded in 1969 and today has1200 members and spans across 5 villages. Famed for quality and fertile soil, this region produces a rich and quality cup. Tegu which translates as ‘low place’ due to its geographic location lies in the foothills between Mount Kenya to the Northeast and the Aberdare Range to the West.

Nyeri county is known for growing coffees that are flavour dense intense and complex, cup profiles. It is made up of mainly smallholder farms, each with an average of just 100 trees.

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It is a juicy and clean washed process coffee with Oolong Tea and Milk Chocolate. This coffee is perfectly suited not only for making a fruity espresso, but also for delicious filtered coffee.

Single Origin

100% Arabica, Speciality Coffee

Processing: Washed. AA Plus Quality.

Altitude: 1700M

Varietals: SL28, Ruiru 11

Businde -Burundi

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Burundi is often referred to as the ‘Heart of Africa’ because of its location and heart-shaped border. This tiny nation also has some of the continents most favourable conditions for growing speciality coffee with nearly a million coffee farmers, making coffee one of its largest industries.

The Businde processing station, is located in the northern province of Kayanza, close to the Rwandan border.

This station is pivotal to local coffee farmers, processing the cherry of up to 650 local farming families. Businde’s producers received a premium that was 20% above the local market rate this season. 

This refreshing and fruity coffee is perfect for warm summer days, with taste notes of Orange, Apricot and Dark Chocolate.

Incredible in espressos with juicy orangey tones and also ideal as a filter brew.

Single Origin

100% Arabica, Speciality Coffee

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1650 -1800M

Varietal: Red Bourbon

We look forward to serving you these great coffees which we are sure you will enjoy.





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