African Coffee Regions - Widikum & Bombe

African Coffee Regions - Widikum & Bombe

A new month brings new coffee from Cameroon and Ethiopia. We are especially excited to bring these guests to your home, with a rare arabica coffee from Cameroon boasting taste notes of cocoa, orange and almonds and a dry fermentation coffee from Ethiopia with flavours of jasmine, citrus and sherbet. Your adventure starts here.


Widikum - Cameroon


We always love sharing coffee from Cameroon. This country seems to have mastered cocoa nutty flavours that people don't often associate with African coffee. 

Cameroon as a country is taking coffee production much more seriously with the government putting a lot of effort into promoting Cameroonian coffee locally to boost production. One thing that we see far too often in Africa is incredible speciality coffee that is instantly exported out of the continent without the communities having the opportunity to enjoy it for themselves. Cameroon is certainly putting a stop to that, which is very encouraging. 

The Momo region is located the North West Region of Cameroon, approximately 128 km from the capital Yaounde. The region is known for producing high quality arabica coffee, as well as kola nut, maize, tea and tobacco.

Enjoy this deliciously smooth coffee with or without milk. 

Region: Momo
Altitude: 2000 masl
Process: Washed
100% Arabica


Bombe - Ethiopia


This coffee is named after the Bombe Mountains where the coffee is harvested. This region is dedicated to producing quality over quantity which comes across in every cup.

This exquisite speciality coffee from Ethiopia is the first we have featured using a dry fermentation process which has created this rich and complex flavour boasting fruity and floral notes. This process uses significantly less water which positively impacts the local community and increases sustainability of their coffee production.

This coffee can be enjoyed with or without milk but we personally preferred it as an espresso. Enjoy this  fantastic example of Ethiopian speciality coffee.

Region: Sidama
Altitude: 2000-2400 masl
Process: Dry Fermentation
100% Arabica



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