Wakanda Forever: It's finally here

Wakanda Forever: It's finally here

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is officially released today across the globe and we couldn't be more ready to watch it. Since the release of Black Panther in 2018 the world has been drunk in love with the story, the characters and the endless hope and possibilities it spreads. Pride, power and unity are just a few words that come to mind when we think of Wakanda. This is far more than a simple movie or comic to many of us.

To celebrate the release of Wakanda Forever we have created this short read and a special playlist here, all you need to is brew a coffee and put your feet up, it's Wakanda time!

Spoiler Alert - if you haven't seen the first Black Panther movie you may want to watch it before reading this blog, there will be spoilers.



Where is Wakanda?

Good question, we all know Wakanda is fictitious but it must have been based on something. Apparently Ryan Coogler (director and co-writer) drew inspiration for Wakanda’s geography from South Africa, Lesotho, and Kenya when he visited Africa ahead of directing the biggest movie of his career. Kenya was described as the location nearer to the fictional Wakanda kingdom.

“Africa is a culture that has been colonized and oftentimes demonized, so it was about reclaiming certain things as beautiful and powerful.” Coogler told Rolling Stone in 2018 about his vision for the Black Panther franchise.

Why is Wakanda so wealthy?

One word, Vibranium. Vibranium is used in all Wakandan technology and tools, making their city superior to the rest of the world. You can straight away draw similarities to this in real life with Africa having bountiful reserves of gold, diamond, cobalt, iron, copper, titanium... the list goes on. Interesting how the Africa we know unfortunately isn't as economically prosperous as the fictional Wakanda, hopefully one day that will change.

Who is the leader of Wakanda?

In the first Black Panther movie you see the heroic T'Challa become king of Wakanda. Following the tragic passing of Chadwick Boseman in 2020 the Black Panther story had to be re-written. Afterall, there could only be one T'Challa and one Boseman. 

What can we expect from Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?

Coogler revealed news that the second film was set to tell a story about grief even before the loss of its star. Coogler went on to explain that it was set to follow T'Challa as he battles grief with the time he lost due to the blip, which occurred at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, “The character was going to be grieving the loss of time, you know, coming back after being gone for five years. As a man with so much responsibility to so many, coming back after a forced five years absence, that’s what the film was tackling. He was grieving a time he couldn’t get back. Grief was a big part of it.” 

Following the passing of Chadwick Boseman the screenplay was re-written with a new perspective and a new character stepping into the role of Black Panther. We are promised a reflective, poignant and tear jerking film with a combination of heartfelt scenes honouring the late T'Challa, light humour which Coogler is a master of and adrenaline fuelled action as you would expect in any great Marvel film. Quite simply it sounds amazing.


A bit of trivia...

How much do you know about the Black Panther movie(s)? Let's find out.

    1. What is the name of T'Challa's love interest in the Black Panther movie?
    2. What language do they speak in Wakanda?
    3. Who composed the music score for both Black Panther movies?
    4. What is T'Challa's sister called?
    5. Which famous popstar has released the song 'Lift Me Up' for the second Black Panther movie?
    6. How much did Black Panther earn at the box office (worldwide)?
    7. Who sang the cover of 'No woman no cry' for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever?
    8. Where was Erik Killmonger/N'Jadaka brought up as a child?
    9. What is the name of the elite female army commanded by Okoye?
    10. What is the name of the special vibranium enhanced plant that gives the Black Panther his powers?

Feeling confident? Find the answers at the bottom of this blog and tell us how you did.

We hope you enjoyed your short escape to Wakanda. Until next time have a great week and if you do see the film tell us what you think.

Wakanda Forever!


 Image credits: Marvel Studios.




Quiz Answers: 1- Nakia, 2- Xhosa (a South African language), 3- Ludwig Gorranson, 4- Shuri, 5- Rihanna, 6- $1.3 billion, 7- Tems, 8- California, 9- The Dora Milaje, 10- Heart-Shaped Herb.




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