Why Choose A Luxury Coffee Subscription With Us?

Want to give a coffee lover a special gift this Christmas?

Although Africa produces only 12% of the world’s coffee, their beans are highly sought after thanks to their wonderful array of flavours. While Ethiopia and Uganda dominate the continents production, many of the other 54 countries also produce high quality coffee beans.

Mara Coffee’s luxurious subscriptions will introduce them to the unrivalled flavours of African coffee. Renowned for uniquely rich flavours, coffee beans from different African regions offer plenty of variety. That makes them a wonderful choice for a subscription.

Our African coffee subscriptions bring you the best beans from across the continent directly to the UK. From vivid floral, fruity, and berry tasting notes to chocolate-like flavours, Mara Coffee delivers a variety of coffee that caters for every taste .

Our luxury subscriptions are a real treat for coffee connoisseurs who want to discover new flavours and the best coffee to drink.

All our products are delivered in 100% recyclable packaging, with 1 tree planted per order. Our beans are grown in Africa and roasted in the UK ensuring that they’ll arrive at your door tasting as fresh as possible.

Our products are a wonderful way to explore new coffee regions and travel across the continent, without ever leaving the house! A taste of Africa, enjoyed at any time of year.

We’re currently offering free UK shipping, simply enter the code TIME2EXPLORE.

If you’re looking for a luxury coffee subscription, find out more about Mara Coffee or contact our team today.