The Finest African Coffee Delivered To Your Door

Fancy some African sunshine this summer?

A vast array of food and drink is enjoyed across Africa, including rich and luxurious coffees which are a result of the unique climate of this special continent. Mara Coffee will introduce you to the best Africa has to offer when it comes to coffee.

Choose our African coffee subscriptions and you’ll not only get to savour the best coffee beans from multiple regions. You’ll also be supporting farmers in a range of locations. Furthermore, one tree will be planted for every order placed, in order to restore and protect forests.

Ethical, affordable and great fun for coffee lovers, we only deliver the best beans, freshly roasted in the UK and ready to be enjoyed.

Travel without your passport

Most of us have had to put our travel plans on hold over the past year. With our monthly coffee subscriptions, you can enjoy a fresh taste of Africa every morning without leaving your home. Rated highly by our customers, our luxurious coffee subscriptions make wonderful gifts.

Grab a Taster bag for under £10, making it easier than ever to sample our African speciality coffee. With free-tracked deliveries, you can also ensure that everything arrives on time. 

If you want to experience the best African coffee, find out more about our subscriptions or contact us for more details.