Showcasing Africa’s most delicious speciality coffee

Immerse yourself in the rich fabric of African coffee heritage.

Embark on a journey of taste and culture with Mara Coffee’s unique variety of African speciality coffees. With an age-old heritage, African coffee is more than just a beverage; It’s a testament to the continent’s diverse landscapes, rich traditions and unmatched dedication to the perfect cup.

Know what speciality coffee contains

At Mara Coffee, we don’t just make coffee; We are all about seeking excellence in every cup. Our commitment to delivering the best African speciality coffee is unwavering. Each coffee bean is handpicked and grown in the heart of the lush African landscapes, expertly roasted to capture the subtle flavours that define each source

A cultural experience in every cup

Taste unique coffees from the highlands of Ethiopia, the plains of Kenya and further afield. Our coffee is beyond just flavours—every cup is a cultural experience. From the warm, fruity vocals of Ethiopia’s Yirgachefe to Kenya’s A.A.

Elevate your coffee ritual

Elevate your daily coffee ritual with Mara Coffee’s commitment to quality and sustainability. As you indulge in a bountiful cup of speciality African coffee, you don’t just drink the drink; You’re supporting the farmers and communities that dedicate their lives to growing this unique coffee bean.

Crafting memories in every sip

Whether you are a hardcore connoisseur or a novice eager to explore, our unique African coffee offering caters to everyone’s palate. Every sip tells a story from the land, the people, to the passion that goes into each espresso bean.

Experience the unforgettable, upgrade your coffee experience Mara Coffee and let the taste of Africa’s best beans  transport you to the heart of the continent.

Join us today and embark on your coffee discovery.