Premium Coffee Beans From Regions Across Africa

As the second largest continent on earth, Africa has many wonderful natural resources. That includes some of the world’s best coffee beans.

Renowned for their exciting floral, fruity, chocolatey and berry notes, many have a bright acidity and winey flavour.

Although Africa accounts for only about 12% of the world's production of coffee, its beans are adored by coffee connoisseurs. Our premium coffee beans are a great way to discover everything they have to offer.

Whether you’re interested in experiencing coffee from Uganda, Kenya or Ethiopia, Mara Coffee brings your premium beans from across the continent. We source the finest beans from 24 different regions, all of which are delivered in recyclable packaging.

Here at Mara Coffee, we want to help people in the UK discover new and exciting flavours, many of which might well become new favourites. Buying one of our taste bags is a great way to shake up your morning routine. 

Want to help a coffee lover make new discoveries in 2022?

One of African coffee subscriptions is a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone who loves this hot drink. Grown in Africa but roasted in the UK, our coffee has an SCA grading above 80.

WIth our subscriptions, their taste buds will go travelling, without even leaving the UK. Every month, they can make a new discovery.

Find out more about our premium coffee beans or contact us for more information.