Let Our African Coffee Specialists Inspire You

Are you stuck in the same old coffee routine? Do you want to discover more diverse flavours and new favourites?

Let your taste buds travel this summer with Mara Coffee. We bring your fresh coffee beans from many different regions across Africa.

As African coffee specialists, we’re constantly sourcing the best and most exciting flavours from across the continent. Here there are many diverse flavours of coffee not found anywhere else in the world.

We look to be your ultimate guide to the world of African coffee and everything it has to offer.

Since every country in Africa has different growing regions, there are so many rich flavours and notes to discover, including the best arabica beans. Unlike robusta beans, which are commonly used in instant coffee, these have a much richer and more refined flavour.

Indeed, Africa is most famous for its arabica beans which have irresistible tones of fruit, florals, chocolate and nuts. Rich, luxurious and satisfying, they’re a real treat for your taste buds. They’ll also fill your home with the most delicious aromas every morning.

We provide many varieties of arabica coffee which is the preferred choice for most people.

Our specialist curators send you only the highest grade arabica single origin speciality coffee. You can find more about the many flavours of African coffee available on our blog.

If you’re looking to set a new standard for your coffee routine try our incredible African coffee, discover more about Mara Coffee and our subscriptions today.