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Delivered in 100% recycled packaging, our premium coffee beans come from various regions in Africa. As you can tell from our journal, we’re passionate about Arabica coffee beans and have many exclusive offers available.

The African continents account for around 12% of the world’s coffee beans, with Ethiopia and Uganda accounting for a large proportion of produce. A combination of climate, altitude and rich fertile soil contributes towards their incredible flavour.

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Renowned for their vivid floral, fruity, and complex notes, African coffee often has bright acidity and winey flavours. Whether you love citrus, bergamot, berries, or jasmine flavours, they offer something for everyone. African coffee beans taste incredible and investing in one of our subscriptions supports farmers working in often harsh conditions.

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All our premium coffee beans are grown in Africa but roasted here in the UK. We promise plenty of variety from our subscriptions.

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