Give A Lasting Gift With Our African Coffee Subscriptions

There are 54 countries in Africa and more than 1.3 billion people live on this continent. As the second largest continent on earth, it in rich in resources, including some of the richest and most exciting flavours of coffee. Africa is also the home of coffee.

Here at Mara Coffee we source coffee beans from over 24 regions in Africa, which are delivered in fully recyclable packaging. A wonderful and aromatic gift for any coffee lover, they’re a wonderful way to reawaken their love for travel following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Enjoy two varieties of African coffee every month.

Famed for their vivid floral, fruity, and heady botanical notes, African coffee is often characterised by its acidity and complex flavours. Both Kenyan and Ethiopian coffee in particular are famous for their unmatched unique flavours.

At Mara Coffee we pride ourselves on delivering the best African coffee subscriptions to our valued customers. We offer free shipping on all our subscriptions in the UK so you can travel without your passport and enjoy an exciting taste of Africa every morning.

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