Exploring the Rich and Bold Favours of African Speciality Coffee

The flavours of African specialty coffee are renowned for their richness and boldness, captivating the taste buds of coffee lovers around the world.

Each cup of African coffee is a unique experience, thanks to the distinctive terroirs found in regions like Ethiopia, Kenya, and Rwanda. These factors contribute to the exceptional flavour profiles that can be discovered with every sip.

Ethiopian coffee holds a special place as it is often considered the birthplace of this beloved beverage. Its taste profile combines fruity and floral notes that create an enticing aroma reminiscent of jasmine flowers. With each sip, you'll detect bright citrusy acidity complemented by subtle hints of blueberry.

Kenyan coffee offers a delightful fusion of fruity undertones intertwined with wine-like flavours. The deep body coupled with pronounced acidity makes it highly sought after by those who crave complexity in their daily brews.

Rwandan coffee surprises drinkers with its inherent sweetness characterised by notes evocative of stone fruits and delicate florals. This variety boasts a medium body while maintaining an enchanting tea-like quality that sets it apart from others on offer.

Whether your palate craves Ethiopian's invigorating citrus brightness or Kenyan beans' robust intensity or perhaps Rwandan's sweet floral essence - exploring Africa's specialty coffees promises an exciting journey filled with diverse tastes waiting to be savoured by discerning connoisseurs.

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