Discover Our Subscription Boxes For Coffee Lovers

Are you ready to discover the finest coffee Africa has to offer?

Coffee is a huge part of Africa’s economy and is the continent this drink originally came from. Ethiopia in particular is the geographic home of Arabica coffee, which has some of the most sought-after beans worldwide.

Mara Coffee has exciting subscription boxes for coffee lovers, delivered in 100% recyclable packaging. Our aromatic and delicious coffee beans come from a variety of regions.

Start your African coffee adventure this summer.

Our subscription boxes for coffee lovers include beans from across Africa, with two new regions every month. That includes many unknown regions from across the continent.

We’re always sourcing the best beans for our customers. Our team wants to bring you the most exquisite coffee so you can enjoy an exciting taste of Africa every morning.

As true African coffee specialists, we’re committed to creating subscription boxes which you want to savour. Run by two coffee lovers, we want to share our passion with you. Whether you’re buying subscription boxes for a loved-one or are treating yourself, we want to provide the best experience possible.

We want you to feel anticipation every time our products arrive.

Find out more about our subscription boxes for coffee lovers or contact us for more information.