Discover Our Subscription Boxes For Coffee Lovers

Want to say goodbye to predictable coffee in the morning?

One of the most well-loved beverages in the world, the origins of coffee have been traced back to 800AD.

Many experts believe that the first coffee was produced in the Ethiopian plateau when a goat herder Kaldi discovered the benefits of these beans. Consequently, Africa has often been described as ‘the home of coffee’. It was recorded as a popular drink as early as the 6th century, often being used by the Ottoman Empire.

It’s the world’s second most traded commodity and there are many varieties to choose from. Today, Africa produces many of the world's most distinctive coffees, which are characterised by unique floral, fruit and wine tones.

Mara Coffees subscription boxes are ideal for coffee lovers looking to discover new flavours.

Our subscription boxes enable you to enjoy the world’s finest arabica from the home of coffee. Containing coffee grown in Africa but roasted in the UK, it’s guaranteed to be as fresh as possible. We only ever deliver the finest, freshly roasted African coffee.

Beautifully presented and made with environmentally friendly packaging, our coffee subscriptions are a delight for anybody who loves this type of hot drink.

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