Discover Our Premium Subscription Boxes For Coffee Lovers

Do you know somebody who loves taking time to enjoy their coffee? Are they always searching for new varieties from around the world?

Africa produces some of the most unique and aromatic coffee beans in the world. In Ethiopia, believed to be the birthplace of this delicious drink, it’s even considered impolite to refuse a cup of coffee!

If they’re also missing travel and exploring new things Mara Coffee can help make up for lost time with new varieties of African coffee each month.

Our subscription boxes contain both known and unknown coffee regions from across this vast continent. Their taste buds can travel without even leaving their home.

With our great quality speciality coffee subscriptions, coffee lovers will discover diverse flavours not found anywhere else. Their morning brew will be richer, more interesting and provide new coffee flavours to enjoy.

With Mara Coffee, your loved one can discover new and exciting coffee selections. All our coffee beans are grown in Africa and roasted here in the UK and SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) grading above 80 (out of 100).

Give the gift of coffee with one of our subscriptions and help them discover sensational coffee.

Find out more about our subscription boxes for coffee lovers or contact our team today.