A Coffee Journey Through African Speciality Coffee

African speciality coffee has a rich and diverse heritage. Each cup tells a unique story and celebrates centuries-old traditions.

Mara Coffee invites you to explore the origins of African coffee with us. The story begins in the lush highlands of Ethiopia.

Ethiopian coffee is known for its fruity and floral notes. Kenyan coffee offers vibrant acidity and a bold character. It is favoured by coffee connoisseurs.

Tanzanian coffee benefits from the volcanic soil and pure mountain waters. It has a medium body and bright acidity.

Uganda's coffee is a hidden gem with a full body, earthy undertones, and a nutty sweetness.

Mara Coffee sources the finest coffee beans from these regions and more.
Join us in celebrating the extraordinary flavours and traditions of African coffee.

Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can experience the rich tapestry of African speciality coffee with every cup. Join us on this journey, as we celebrate the origins, flavours, and traditions that make African coffee truly extraordinary.

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